Geostorm (2017) 720p BluRay H264 Full Movie


Geostorm (2017) 720p BluRay H264 Full Movie


Geostorm (2017) 720p BluRay H264

Country: USA

Language: English

Director: Dean Devlin

Writers: Dean Devlin, Paul Guyot

Release Date: 20 October 2017 (USA)

Run time: 109 min

Stars: Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish

Story line: When catastrophic climate change endangers Earth’s very survival, world governments unite and create the Dutch Boy Program: a world wide net of satellites, surrounding the planet, that are armed with geoengineering technologies designed to stave off the natural disasters. After successfully protecting the planet for two years, something is starting to go wrong. Two estranged brothers are tasked with solving the program’s malfunction before a world wide Geostorm can engulf the planet.


Date: January 23, 2018

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